The British Association for the Study of Religions
The Religious Studies Project


An annual conference is held for members and other interested scholars at which academic papers and research reports are presented. The AGM and BASR Annual Lecture take place during the conference. Recent conferences have included:

'Methodology and the Traditions' (Oxford, 1991).

'Religion in the Common European Home' (Strawberry Hill, 1992) with the British Sociological Association and the Political Science Association.

'Religions in Transformation: Innovation, Adaptation and Syncretism' (Winchester, 1992).

'Encounters of Religions: Conflict, Coexistence and Co-operation (Newcastle, 1993).

'Contemporary Symbols of the Sacred' (Bristol, 1994), BASR Fortieth Anniversary Meeting.

'Authority and Religious Traditions' (Wolverhampton, 1995).

'Religion and Media' (St Martins, Lancaster, 1996).

'Religious Experience' (Manchester College, Oxford, 1997).

'Religion and Innovation' (University of Wales, Lampeter, 1998).

'Religion, Violence and Conflict' (University of Stirling, 1999).

'Religion and Community' (University of Cambridge, 2001).

'Religion and the State' (University of Surrey, Roehampton 2002).

'Religions in Transition: diachronic and synchronic perspectives' (University College Chester, 2003).

'The Study of Religions: mapping the field' (50th Anniversary Conference, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, 2004).

'Researching Religions' (The Warburg Institute, London 2005).

'The Ethical Dimension' (Bath Spa University, 2006)

'Religious Experience in Global Contexts' (Edinburgh University, 2007)

'Religion, Memory and Remembrance' (York St John University, 2008)

'Religion, Location and other uncertain boundaries' (Bangor University, 2009)

'Religious Movements: their ageing and emotions' (University of Birmingham, 2010)


The Annual Lecture was first held in 1991. Speakers have included Stewart Sutherland, Peter Antes, Michael Pye, Ria Kloppenberg, Ninian Smart, Margaret Chatterjee, Gerrie Ter Haar, Richard Gombrich, Brian Bocking, Kim Knott, Tariq Madood, Rosalind Hackett, Ursula King, Seth Kunin, Frank Whaling, Maria Jaschok, Douglas Davies, Carol Cusack and Eileen Barker. Annual lectures are now published in Diskus (BASR's online peer reviewed journal).